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Drainage and Groundwater Management go hand in hand to keep the water out of your house. or off your property, while trying to put the water into the Aquifer where it belongs.

You need to hire a contractor who Understands Drainage and Groundwater Management.Dont just Trust the word of Engineers and Building Inspectors. What MIGHT look good on paper, may NOT work, (I quoted a job that was designed and approved,at a million dollar home,I didnt get the job because I told them it wouldnt work. The first time it rained, they got 3 feet of water in the Finished basement and neither the inpector or engineer could be held liable)

We can provide Grading, French Drains,Berms,Footing Drains.Daylight Drains.Gutter/leader drains 

With the Experience and Know-how of Groundwater Management can help prevent water from entering your home or business and thus preventing flooding and Mold

We have been successful  at jobs where the Sump Pump or multiple sump pumps ran continuously for years. The home owners said if they had known how much money they would have saved on the electric bill, they would have called me sooner

Grading: slope the landscape to force water away from your house,property or business

French Drain: Trench with pipe at the bottom and backfilled with clean stone, catches water and diverts it away from your home and into the ground where it belongs and additional water to a lower area or into storm drain or catch basin,

Daylight Drain: a pipe lower than the area to be drained, backfilled with clean stone, running out to an area which is lower, and the end of the pipe exposed to daylight. note; daylight drains are required for most New Construction or additions, Most cases the builder will put in the pipe when foundation is inspected and approved. BUT is totally USELESS if the foundation is not backfilled with CLEAN stone. Most builders backfill with dirt, because its free.

Berm: a raised area used to deflect water away from your house or property, possibly in combination with a Daylight or French Drain

Retention Pond: an area lower than the area you dont want water collecting in. to catch the water and let it seep into the ground. allowing water to get into the aquifer.

Seepage Pit: is a perforated tank (has holes in it) that collects the ground water from gutters and footing drains and allows it to seep into the ground and aquifer.note; seepage pit must be at the lowest point of drainage,and equiped with an overflow, or else when it fills up it will backflow into the drainage and cause flooding, and defeat its original purpose.